BSC's Rebuilding Business Forum

Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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This is a nationwide forum for business owners. Our purpose is to create strategic alliances and learn from each other as we work together to launch and rebuild carefully and successfully. With your input and ideas, we do it all in 60 minutes each week!

BSC is a 5-star National SBA Business Growth & Development Program award-winner and a two-time state/regional award winner. We are sustainability experts working with smaller businesses who want a better triple bottom line focusing on profitability, people, and the planet.

Positioning Rethought at BSC's Rebuilding Business Forum 
This Thursday Jan. 21 Noon Central 

Reuben Swartz, Mimiran, has a new positioning tool to share and has been busy rethinking positioning. Don't miss this discussion if you are like those butterflies of Dave Nave (see above). Hope to see you online at the next Rebuilding Business Forum, Jan. 21, Noon Central.
Your assignment for this week:
Come ready to share a brief business idea related to your expertise. What do you recommend to keep moving forward? It can also be a book that you found useful, an event (even your own) you attended or want to recommend, a person, a piece of equipment, policy or procedure, software or other product, or anything else that you feel is a good fit to anyone in business or starting a business.  
Upcoming Special Guests:
• Jan. 21: Tools, techniques, and thoughts to position your company & products/services (Reuben Swartz, Mimiran)
• Jan. 28: Management Process Improvement (Dave Nave, Dave Nave & Associates)
• Feb. 4: Delegation is Hard - but Necessary for Growth (Doug Hall, W D Hall Company)
• Feb. 11: Accounting 1 on 1 for Founders (Dori Eversmann, Chastain Partners)
• Feb. 18: Travel in 2021- The Good, The Bad and the Necessary (Marika Flatt, Texas Lifestyle Magazine)
• Feb. 25: Secrets of Trade Secrets (Page Heller, Hopes Creek Consulting)
Come to the Forum. We work together and we rebuild together with help from others. 
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